Macallan Residential
When you think about Macallan, you should think about the big cookie-cutter, everything-for-profit type of builders. And then think the opposite. Macallan was founded by four focused partners who strive to prove ourselves in every project we handle. Our very different skillsets work together, allowing us to find smarter solutions. We care. We're aggressive. And we bring a unique commercial discipline to residential building. Our passion is creating original spaces with the kind of creativity, quality and attention to detail that make owners proud. Because that's what it's really all about.

Lew Oliver
Originally from the Southwest Georgia/North Florida area, Lew was influenced early by the Greek Revival architecture found in the rural countryside. His passion for architecture spread to other styles and cultural influences, especially to that of the Classical world. While attending Georgia Tech's School of Architecture, he worked in the trade until he graduated in 1984. He became the lead designer for the Kessler Enterprise, Inc., facilitating and overseeing bank, hotel, commercial and residential developments. Later, Lew began a freelance career, specializing in residential architecture and developing a passion for New Urbanism. He now serves as Town Designer for Vickery in North Atlanta, Clark's Grove in Covington Georgia, and Serenbe in Southwest Atlanta. He is active in planning large-scale residential communities and developing urban codes for various traditional neighborhood projects.